The Exploration of Spiritual Awakening with Michael Beckwith


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Founder and spiritual director of the Agape International Spiritual Center, Michael Beckwith has been a leader spearheading the conscious conversation and bridging the intersection of science and spirituality for decades. His teachings in meditation, affirmative prayer and life visioning have been highly regarded as unique and practical approaches to spirituality. His work has gained the attention of thousands around the world and connected communities of all denominations and cultures.

During this podcast episode, Beckwith takes us through some of his most memorable moments including first encounters with hearing voices, the profound premonition of a psychic reader who foretold his spiritual center and his time working for the city councilman while teaching metaphysics during his lunch breaks. He explains the energetic upgrade needed to maintain and allow high vibrational energy to flow through the body as well as the process of integration once new information is downloaded from this new level of awareness. Written off initially as ‘crazy’ and mentally insane, both he and TSB host Joey Nittolo, exchange stories of their personal challenges and eventual triumphs of diving deeper into their true selves on their path of enlightenment.

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