#18 - Transitioning Away From Vegetarianism, Going Off Birth Control, Getting Back Your Period


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Today Anne Marie and Michelle are answering listener questions including how to transition back to eating animal products after being a vegetarian, tips for going off birth control, and how to get back your period after losing it while following a healing diet.


  • Michelle’s updates [00:57]
  • Anne Marie’s updates [3:15]
  • What Anne is loving [4:55]
  • Should some foods not be introduced if you have a certain autoimmune disease? [8:32]
  • What should I do if I can’t eat liver due to high purines? [11:27]
  • How to transition back to eating animal protein after being vegetarian or vegan. [14:37]
  • Choosing to get off of birth control, and determining if it could have contributed to your health issues. [28:45]
  • Getting your period back after losing it on focusing on healing [37:15]
  • Michelle’s meal of the week [50:55]

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