364 | Not Like The Other Brains with William Curb from Hacking Your ADHD


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It’s been a year since William Curb started the Hacking Your ADHD podcast and we’re celebrating. Correction: In true ADHD style, it has been a year + 3 months or so. Either way, having reached this milestone is huge and we are celebrating. Creating and sustaining a podcast is a lesson in discipline for ANY podcaster but even more so for someone who has also been diagnosed with ADHD. Having set systems definitely helps but there are so many new facets of the disorder that you’ll face as you try to keep a steady schedule that it’s almost like learning a whole new tool. William takes the time to script his podcast so he keeps them fairly short and on task, but doing this means that he occasionally misses production dates. This is perfectly fine because he has kept on going regardless. Listen as we chat about when automation helps (and when it doesn’t), what the future looks like for Hacking Your ADHD, and how having the podcast has helped him to address various ADHD symptoms. He’s also sharing a bit about how he hacks his ADHD and how he’s altering those hacks for his 5-year old daughter. In true Hacking Your ADHD fashion, we end this one with an amazing dad joke courtesy of William’s very large “dad joke library.” Listen in to hear it all. You'll learn: [02:08] Welcome to ADHD reWired, William Curb. [04:17] William shares the learning process he has gone through as he works on his Podcast. [06:26] How ADHD makes podcast production challenging. [09:16] Quick thoughts on automation and creating systems. [12:31] Why using what we have is sometimes harder than just buying more. [16:27] Has William considered writing a book? [22:49] What does the future look like for Hacking Your ADHD? [26:29] How has he been doing with letting go of perfectionistic tendencies? [29:02] Has listening to himself helped with his speech? [31:18] Learn more about how his scripts have evolved over time. [35:51] What kinds of things would he like to try out with the podcast? [43:56] William shares ways he hacks his ADHD. [48:11] How timers have helped him manage his time and productivity. [53:01] It doesn’t matter if someone else is teaching the same thing. Learn why? [57:22] Why his ADHD network is partially responsible for the success of the podcast. [59:04] A quick dad joke to make your day. [1:00:22] If you are a regular listener, consider becoming a patron by clicking on our Patreon tab at Will's site is here:

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