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Do you want to lose weight permanently so you can enjoy your life now, not later? This is the podcast for you. Let me help you learn how to understand and leverage the power of your beliefs, thoughts, and feelings around the foods you eat and the body you have in order to create the peace and joy you want in your life as you lose weight in the process. Every week, I offer you tools to add to your toolbelt to help you mindfully: -Lose weight your way, learning how to incorporate what you value for yourself for permanent weight loss. -Create safety from the inside out to feel your feelings from reflection instead of reaction so that you stop using food as your primary way to manage stress, burn out, and emotional experiences. -Live life in alignment with yourself and understand why it hasn't been a problem if you haven't fully felt aligned until now -End trying to control others and circumstances, so that your happiness is always and easily your responsibility. Lucia Hawley is your podcast host. She has her master's in social work, clinical mental health and is a certified functional nutritional therapy practitioner, with eight years of experience coaching clients towards living the lives they desire, including unapologetically losing weight on their terms. She has lost 80 pounds using the mindfulness techniques she shares on the show. You can find out more about Lucia Hawley and her work at www.luciahawley.com.

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