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Zemer of the Week
Teaching zemirot, spreading the middot, one song, one week at a time. "Zemer of the Week" is a podcast hosted by David Rosenwein and Jon Hornstein, teaching zemirot -- traditional Jewish songs in Hebrew and occasionally Yiddish or Aramaic. Weekly, topical dvars (a short word of Torah) also follow up each zemer.
Në këtë ligjëratë hoxha i nderuar flet rreth realitetit të adhurimit me zemër si dhe rëndësisë së përkujdesjes për veprat e zemrës.
Michael DeMers
Michael has a passion for an entrepreneur lifestyle through start ups and real estate! Now active @ Fresh Homes Real Estate Redding Ca
Ze-Amer Social
Welcome to my journey on making a brand for others and myself. There will be good times and some bad ones but all authentic ones
Truth About Muslims is now Muslims Christians and the Zombie Apocalypse!
www.QuestingTheUnknown.comYou walk the path until the path becomes you and then you are it.You search out freedom and nothing comes.You go on journeys and nothing comes because it’s everything and nothing.You are an existential question unraveling and destroying itself, an incessant movement toward what already is.You are Questing The Unknown...
Gesa Ziemer - COMPLICITY A COLLECTIVE ACTION IN ARTS AND DAILY LIFEThuesday, February, 9th, 2010 at 7.00 p.m.Cankarjev dom, M1Complices are partners that jointly decide to plan and execute a crime. Yet complicities are also a legal practice among artists, entrepreneurs and scientists. Complicity is a temporary and yet obliging and intensive form of collaboration. Using images and texts, this contribution calls for an artistic mode of research in which dance, music, business and science are t ...
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Whats good Zeamer, In this episode i just wanna talk about these questions people keep asking me...Enough said Enjoy!!!
Yo whats good Ze-amers. Its ya boi tony and I just wanted to give you guys an update on my life so u know whats up fam :)
Yo whats good fam,I just wanted to talk about how people blindlyfollow friends for life and how sometimes it might be timefor a revaluation...
Yo whats up Ze-Amers I hope everyone is doing well and getting closer to their goals :).I just wanted to share my opinion on the negativity we spawn from our actions of making people "aware" and how the way we respond to it may actually be worsening it.
I'm Bad with money I'm not gonna lie...But! I feel like I discovered why I'm so bad with it.Hopefully, I can inspire a thought process with you.
Hey Ze-Amers!I just wanna talk about the fear of starting over,and how we should be seeing it as an opportunityand not a burden on ourselves.
Hi guys :).I'm just gonna lay down the main reason why Iand I think a lot of other people procrastinate in life...
Hello people of the internet!!I just wanted to share a book that really willchange your perspective on life if you give it a chance :)
What is Happening everyone?I just wanted to take a second to share my opinion on whyBeing young is one of the best assets to have in life and how we tend to overlook it.
Yo whats good Ze-amers!!!!When I was a kid I wanted to do and be so many things honestly T_TI just wanted to share some stories of what I went through and my mindset through it all now
In todays episode I talk about how a haitain hero in mylife helps me when I feel the world is agaisnt me
Yo Ze-amers,In todays world nowadays this topic is just cruical. So i really wanted to share my true thoughts about it. Artist vs art, should art be hated and ostracized once we find out something about the artist??
Yo what is up Zeamers,Welcome back in this episode im gonna be talking about my 2 biggest failires in life being afraid of heights and being able to swim lol
Yo whats good Ze-Amers,In this episode, I'm back again with my boy MTA and we talk about our joys in life and our relationship endeavors hope you guys Enjoy!!!
Yo whats good Ze-AmersHope you guys are doing well i want to hit you guys with some thoughts on a subject that has honestly effected me all my life . Hope you guys enjoy
YO Ze-AmersToday I'm in my car and I'm gonna talk about the direction I'm gonna take my podcast from now on.
Yo Ze-AmersToday I'm gonna talk about how I discorved my second wind in the gym and how it helped my ass lol
Yo Ze-Amers,in today's episode I'm gonna talk about how some of these kids in the events i work are just so extra -_-
YOOOO Ze-Amers!So in this podcast I talk about how i've really just been too hard on other people and myself and also how I almost ran over some kids.......
Yo Ze-AmersIn today's episode I'm gonna talk about how im starting to notice that I have no balance when it comes to my actions lol.
Yo Ze-Amer's In todays episode im gonna talk about the endavorees on the first day of appoinments -_-
Yo Ze-amers,in todays episode im gonna hit you with some thiughts that have been going in my head abiut work fam
Yo whats good Ze-Amer, in todays episode im gonna talk about the concept of black time and how its a struggle -_-
Yo Ze-amerswhats good? You ever just wanna jam out in your car but the person next to you ain't having it... cause I have...
Sup Ze-AmersIn todays episode its pretty short I'm just gonna give you guys a general update on what im planning soon
Hey Ze-AmersIn today's episode, I'm gonna talk about why I love my job and why it better than yours lol. Also, update I still can't drive lol....
In todays episode I talk about how dungeon and dragons really helps the creative juices
In this episode I have my special guest Mta singer,song-writer, and producer sharing his story and why he choose his journey
In todays episode I talk about why we usally end up always talking to the same peoplem day to day
In todays episode we are gonna talk about black excellence in society I'm its something that really on my mind
In todays episode I talk about how i'm honestly confused as fuck sometimes
In today's episode, I talk about how cars will soon be the death of me...
In Today's episode i'm gonna talk about how people are actually afraid of success and wanna stay where they are.
Hey fam, In todays episode I bring in my bro joe to talk about life after high-school and why he choose the path hes in. Hope ya'll ready for this!
In this episode I talk about why letting your friends fail is the best thing you can do for them.
I talk about how thinking has really fucked with me honestly.
Hey Ze-amers,Today I'm talk about how the gym made me cry. Also i'm gonna update you guys on the store I made. Let go!!
I just wanna tell the most important people in my life..
Excting News!! I start my very first store and tell you how i though of my product and how I got it done
Today im gonna be talking about why im doing podcast and my podcast challenge for myself
I talk about how my mom saves me from dying,Also i'm gonna talk about realzing my laziness You are a mystery and I want to know what you desire.
How I respond to a 14k tax bill I wasn’t ready for this morning
Why do I go back in time trying to uncover old opportunities for relationship ? What do I really need ?
Just woke up and couldn’t get out of my mouth what I was trying to say
Pre warning all podcasts are unfiltered and 100% honest and full disclosure so if you hear something that scares you that’s probably normal
The Philosophy That Would Save The World: A Conversation about Rape, Veganism, Murder, & Manipulation of Minds...Read More at:
Ideas We Speak Of:~ Transcendental Meditation~ LSD and Spiritual Seeing~ Veganism and Vegetarianism~ Awakening and Enlightenment~ Lucid Dreaming~ Responsibility to Share Your Creative Work~ Writing and The Creative Process~ The Ego & Its Role In Life~ Speaking Truth When It’s UncomfortableAnd a contemplation for you, "In what way are you explor ...…
Question: What are you aware of, lucidly aware of?Awareness is the one thing, the one absolute truth, a center point for our experience of life.The gradation… The spectrum… The subtlety of stillness…Awareness coupled with your ability to put your attention where you wish will turn you into the freest being on earth.So in this show, we are brief ...…
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