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ART FOR YOUR EAR brings you stories from some of my favorite contemporary artists. When I studied Art History, the best part was, well, the gossip. I loved finding out why artists did certain things, what was going on in their personal lives, and behind-the-scenes details about other artists they knew and worked with. This podcast is exactly that ... inside-scoop stories from the artsiest people I know. You'll hear first-hand from these talented, successful, full-time artists (who also happe ...
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From a 45-year career of building art for the movies, to a brand new career of building art for himself. Richard Holland is my guest (and PS he worked on The Princess Bride. The. Princess. Bride!!!)
An audio podcast with a Deaf artist? Yep. Sound waves, gestural strokes, and the story of an artist who lost and then found her hearing. Canadian Kelsie Grazier is my guest.
Third time lucky! Yes, this is the third time I've had New York based artist Trey Speegle on the podcast. We've covered his childhood, the 80's in New York, and everything in between ... but today we're talking about Andy Warhol!
Big walls, a visual vocabulary inspired by a rich ethnic background, and a Google search that would change the course of her life. (FYI, it was: "Where are the tallest people in the world?"). Montreal based, Kazakhstan born artist Ola Volo is my guest.
From a super weird private school and her passion for women in art history, to Andy Warhol in drag and jumping off cliffs - portrait painter Annie Kevans is my guest today.
When you meet a self-described "Artist & Beekeeper" you invite them onto your podcast immediately. Yep, New York based designer, collage artist - and beekeeper - Charles Wilkin is my fabulous guest.
Embroidery. True story. Cayce Zavaglia is a painter who now uses stitches instead of brushstrokes - A LOT of stitches.
Sparkly stars, rainbows, mermaids, and a land full o' fairies! Shannon D. Taylor is an artist, a teacher, and a restorer of all things magical. She also paints on saws sometimes.
Season number three is kicking off with the talented and hilarious Sara Khan. We're talking about homemade mythology and taking small watercolors onto big walls for her first mural festival. We also cover important topics such as giving birth to kittens and/or dragons.
Fun Facts: CJ Hendry sold her entire wardrobe to buy drawing supplies, her favorite color is white, and she swears like a sailor ... yes, I loved her immediately.
Two LA based artists for the price of one! Married couple Esther Pearl Watson and Mark Todd are talking about art, teaching, parenting - and clearly, I had to find out who made the first move.
A painter of everyday messiness, the founder/editor of Create Magazine, and a soon-to-be host of her own podcast (that involves drinking with artists). Yep, we're day-drinking and interviewing each other!
Comparing creativity to mowing lawns, living inside a work of art, and a brand new book about creative heroes who lost their lives to AIDS. New York based artist, designer, and general creative genius Doug Meyer is my guest.
When a tiger tells you to make the jump into being a full-time collage artist, you listen! Berlin-based American artist (and citizen of the world), Clare Celeste Borsch is my guest today.
Brace yourself because you're in for a hilarious, inspiring, glittery, curse-filled adventure! New Orleans based artist and artrepreneur, Ashley Longshore is my guest today.
Paint, wax, fabric, bits of watercolor paintings, gouache, and probably a bunch of other things I'm missing - clearly the term "mixed media" isn't quite enough for the work of American artist Kaylee Dalton.
From being the daughter of a pastor in a town of 700, to a full-time abstract painter in downtown Toronto ... Janna Watson is my guest today.
Oil pastel drawings that have become quilts, and some insane stories about bar patrons and pickles. The dichotomy that is Terrence Payne on the podcast today. Brace yourself.
Porcelain baby bubbles, smoking Kewpie dolls, and life size ghosts with flowery breath. AND, we recorded all of that craziness live at Club Kwench in Victoria, BC. Listen to Susannah Montague and me interview each other!
Washy ink, cut paper, and clients like Vogue and Hermes - Swedish artist/illustrator Stina Persson is my guest today. ps. I also asked if Swedish people actually shop at IKEA. They do.
A lifelong painting series, a beautiful film, mid-century Americana, and donuts! Painter Robert Townsend is my guest today!
Telling elaborate stories with meticulously stitched thread. Well, that can only mean one thing - you asked and I listened - LA based artist Michelle Kingdom is my guest today!
Not many artists have documented a piece of American history for the Smithsonian. Amy Sherald has. Oh, and she also used to be a bouncer at a bar.
Curious like a fox, but she digs deep like a hedgehog - going big, experimenting with paper, and terrible haircuts - getting into allllll of it with Aimee Henny Brown.
Late starts, self-doubt, the Goldfinch, and being "free to be whatever". Cornwall based painter Pippa Young is my guest today.
Computer science, backend databases, and an illness that changed everything. Collage artist Eugenia Loli is my guest on this episode.
Today's episode is all about paintings, pinholes, and pina coladas! I'm in Maui and I'm talking to Hawaii based artist/teacher Wendy Kawabata. Aloha!
Historically inspired, lace-covered figures by the lovely, talented, inspiring, Cornwall-based painter Lisa Wright.
Paper, wood, shingles, more paper ... houses in disrepair that are absolutely gorgeous. Sculptor and collage artist Seth Clark is my guest.
Photographer, filmmaker, installation artist, curator, maker, and general renaissance woman - Faythe Levine is my guest today.
Drips, spikes, blobs, sploots, and sparkly crystals - yep, that means Texas based artist Dan Lam is on the podcast!
Artist, illustrator, writer, speaker, podcaster, father, vivid dreamer, Boyz II Men fan club president, and former sandwich artist. Andy J. Miller, aka Andy J. Pizza, is my guest.
Animal sculptures covered in cashmere, pennies, mirrors, and more. Also, she owns four REAL yaks. Portland based artist Rachel Denny is my guest.
Portraits, embroidery, and street art ... well that's one of the best combinations I've ever seen! I am thrilled to be talking to Mexican artist Victoria Villasana.
Piles of broken vintage glass, milky colors, lots of fire, and so many teeny tiny bits of glass assembled into gorgeous sculptures, wall hangings, and installations. American glass artist Amber Cowan is my guest.
Today is all about graphite and animals ... and ceramics, jewelry, stone masonry, teaching, free art, TV shows, celebrity chefs, leprechauns, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Irish artist Lee Boyd is my guest.
Ducks, cats, dinosaurs, googling "how to make a perfect flat white", oh, and art - Monika Forsberg (aka Walkyland) and I are talking about all of that and more.
A poorly timed diagnosis, a love of history, large-scale mixed media, AND a spooky ghost story ... gah, I have chills already. American artist Daisy Patton is my guest.
Talking to Lindsay Arnold about her insane doily paintings, trying to find "the why" behind our art, working with amazing mentors, and cat costumes.
Burning cars flying across the Canadian Prairies, teeny tiny brushstrokes on really big canvases, 'The Tragically Hip', and a life-threatening prospecting trip. All of it. Sean William Randall is my guest.
Wonder Woman, Luchadors, custom-made ceramic urns - and that's just the tip of the iceberg! Canadian ceramicist Mariko Paterson, aka Forage Studios, is my guest today.
Poured paint, intuition, buckets of water, intention, abstract plein air, reflection, and some very fond memories of smelly markers! San Francisco based artist Heather Day is my guest today.
Architecture, nature, epic trips in small vans, and wise words from grandmothers - London based painter Charlotte Keates is my guest today.
'Squirrel Boy' and Season No.2 of ART FOR YOUR EAR? Perfect! I'm kicking things off with the ghostly dresses, strange animals, delicate faces of the incredibly talented Anne Siems!
Today's project involves bad art, good friends, and delicious snacks ... win, win, win.
Today's project is about capturing the essence of your favorite place through collage. If that place is Venice, your collage could win you a week's tuition at an art academy in Venice this summer. Just sayin.
We're heading to the grocery store for our art supplies this week. (Feel free to buy ingredients for s'mores while you're there!)
Week 2 of AFYE Summer Camp is all about making the first mark, or better yet, getting someone else to do it!
Everything a good summer camp should have: art projects, new friends, and gossip! Project number one is all about daily habits.
Ahh, spray paint never looked so sweet. I am beyond thrilled to have American artist Mando Marie as my guest for the final episode of AFYE Season One, and I have to say, it's feeling very 'full circle' for me. Take a listen to find out why.
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