#AskAchieve 130: Why We Don't Meal Prep, Why Some Days in the Gym Feels Better than Others, The Over-Obsession with Neutral, and How Everything Works as Long as it Works for YOU!


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What’s up, Achievers?! One of our favorite episodes to date thus far and we address a wide variety of topics in this one :)

We first address why we, unlike a lot of fitness professionals, don’t choose to meal prep. (2:12)

Then, we talk about an Instagram post we posted last week about how some days during your training feel great and why some might not feel quite as great and how to trust the process throughout those ups and downs (7:29).

Afterwards, we discussed the concept of “neutral” and how we think there might a bit of an “obsession” around it in the age of social media (12:53).

Finally we talked about why all diets “work” to a certain degree, which is why one isn’t better than another, and why you need to find the one that works for you! (17:12)

Our new “Stories That Will Make Your Heart Sing” segment starts at: (23:54)

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