The Wellness Myth


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In this episode of the Escape Diet Prison Podcast, Deb and I talk about the recent rebranding of Weight Watcher’s and how “Wellness that Works” will effect millions of people around the world.

We also discuss the way the diet industry has adopted the fat acceptance movement in order to help their own motives in ways that are not supportive of health or true body neutrality.

Instead of focusing on health in all forms (including mental health), the diet industry is using terms such as self-care in order to disguise their real message. They have turned self-care and wellness into just another box of you needing to lose weight.

The Diet Industry’s New Path is Truly Dangerous for People’s Health

It’s a dangerous path and it’s one that thankfully many of us are not prepared to go down anymore. However, there are millions of people who still believe that weight loss is the holy grail of health and feel like a massive failure for not having achieved their goal weight just yet.

It’s easy then to be enticed to go back to a program that tells you to count points and add labels to certain kinds of food. It almost makes sense track your fitness in the name of being allowed to eat more. It’s so easy to mistake these kinds of behaviors for true wellness and self-care if a whole company (being backed up by a giant industry) plays on your extreme insecurities that they implanted in the first place.

What Wellness is Really About

Wellness, feeling and being well, is not about starving your body and putting food into certain boxes, labelling it as good and bad. It’s not about earning points for going to the gym or stepping on a scale every day to obsess about the weight you may have lost by being “good”.

Wellness is about empowering yourself and making your own choices based on how you want to feel and the messages that your body is telling you. It’s about having fun in your body and being in communication with your inner most desires at all times. It’s about balance and paying attention to your current circumstances, allowing food and movement to support you in living life on your terms.

You cannot achieve this kind of wellness if your goal is to lose weight – whether your body is on board or not.

Wellness is about detaching from the idea that your weight determines your worth.

And although Oprah tells you that weight loss is the path to unleashing the immensely powerful woman that lies deep within you, you know that you know that you know that this goddess within can surface right now – no weight loss needed, thank you very much.

No, the new Weight Watcher’s approach has nothing to do with wellness. It’s just another way of making sure that women stay small, dependant on their products and unable to truly own their significant power to change the world in their own ways.

Check out Deb’s blog “We are more than good enough” here.

Love and light,

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