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As the daily reality of living in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic starts to settle in, we appreciate that this is an incredibly challenging time for everyone. It is one that we will unite and support you and each other, but we cannot claim that it will all be rosy and cheerful as we drive forward.

Our collective mantra is focused around these simple three words: Stabilize - Adapt - Innovate.

In this episode, Matt discusses four current and very timely case studies around this new mantra:

  • How families must adapt to this new norm

  • How IRONMAN is making swift adjustments to their structure to create a virtual race season

  • What Purple Patch is doing to innovate and enhance remote coaching

  • How a local restaurant has pivoted to adapt to customer needs under new guidelines

Once we navigate through initial anxiety and fear, we adapt to the new mid-term realities of the situation and work hard to ensure those in need are supported and heard.

If we come together, we can thrive. When we cannot be together we need each other more than ever.

Also included in this episode:

The Dixon-ary Word of the Week: Get Set Up

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