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Matt welcomes longtime Purple Patch athlete, Lars Tandrup, back to the podcast.

In 2018, Lars and his wife lost everything in the Santa Rosa fires. He was left, quite literally, with only his pajamas - and even those were on fire as he escaped through acres of flames to safety.

A few months after this tragedy, Lars came on the podcast to discuss how he hoped to emerge from this adversity. He sought purpose, clarity, and a fresh start with gratitude.

Now, almost three years later, Lars returns.

What actually happened in the aftermath? How did he do? How has his perspective changed, and how has he used adversity to help others, especially in a year when we've all faced the unthinkable?

Lars did, in fact, set his lens forward and developed key elements for an arsenal of performance that he continues to share often in work presentations. This toolbox is paramount to his personal health and has certainly been a catalyst to growth for those he works with on a daily basis.

What Are A Few of the Lessons He Carries With Him?

  • Finding Purpose in Tragedy - Helping others by sharing your experience, being a lighthouse for those in need.

  • Embracing Adversity as Opportunity - What can you learn from adapting to stress? Is this a chance to grow and learn? Adversity is not unique, but your response is critical to your path ahead.

  • Developing Tools to Help Deal with Adversity - Learning to react to stress in a more productive way, getting to the root cause of problems, controlling negative self-talk

Ultimately, says Lars, living the Purple Patch Pillars of Performance have helped him emerge stronger from this tragedy, and the integrated training, recovery, nutrition, and strength have provided him with the confidence and fortitude to help others.

And, when you help others, you use adversity as an opportunity for good.

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06:35 - The Meat and Potatoes - Lars Tandrup on Setting the Lens Ahead Through Adversity

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