44 Sound and Frequency Healing with Ian Morris of Listening to Smile


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Sheila’s guest is Ian Morris, a multi-instrumentalist, poet, artist, intuitive healer and the founder of Listening to Smile – a unique sound wellness and healing modality based around sacred concepts of sound and vibration.

Ian Morris began his personal journey with the wellness and healing potentials of sound and specific frequencies while working with Homemade Genius, a non-profit organization he established in 2004 that worked with underserved children. Homemade Genius used music as a tool for promoting creativity and connection with children. Through those experiences, Ian began to notice significant improvements in overall attention, engagement, confidence and even academic performance with the kids.

In 2011, Ian experienced his own healing journey using music when he became ill with an ambiguous disorder. He built his own “sound table” and began to use sound and frequency treatments on himself, and eventually lost over 100 lbs and cured himself. He started sharing his “sound table” with family and friends, and as they listened and felt the vibrations, they would always begin to smile. Thus, Listening to Smile was born, and now continues to utilize and share the healing force of sound and meditation paired with collective intention.

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