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Take Control Radio
Take Control Radio powered by Forge-Rx focuses on a contemporary discussion of fitness and nutrition and its impact on your health, healthcare, wellness, longevity, and quality of life. Co-hosted by millennial Evan, personal trainer and nutrition coach, and his baby boomer physician father, Dr. Joe, who will bring you their lifestyle views from their age relevant perspectives. Get ready to be educated, entertained, inspired, and motivated, along with occasional guests, to navigate today's co ...
ENERGY To Thrive
Each week on the ENERGY To Thrive podcast, Jennifer Powter shares practical tips, strategies, interviews and resources to help women get their lives back on track, both physically and emotionally. It’s about creating true transformation from the inside out. Popular topics include health, fitness, weight loss, relationships, emotional resilience, and self care. Find out more:
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By studying how nutrients and genes interact(nutrigenomics), scientists are looking for ways to use DNA-based diets as a prescription to prevent disease and improve health!
The normal physiological cardiovascular and respiratory, and musculoskeletal changes of pregnancy increase oxidative stress and free radical formation. The best defense lies in fruits and vegetables!
Heart Disease, the number one killer for men and women, is increasing disproportionately for women, especially women of color! Take a listen and educate yourself on the symptoms and treatments, and , most importantly, adopting a heart-healthy lifestyle!
By October 2020. the old push-up, sit-up, and two mile run "PT test" will be replaced with a deadlift, a standing power throw, hand-release push-ups, the "sprint-drag-carry", the leg tuck pull-up and 2 mile run! You ready?
Conventional Incandescent, Fluorescent and LED lights are devoid of the blue spectrum light. When indoors, this type of lighting gives us the "sleep" signal. Learn how that affects our sleep, especially Slow Wave Deep Sleep, and influences our health.
Eating leftovers, snacking intelligently, knowing where and when to eat out to take advantage of "discounts", and skipping alcohol when eating out saves money. Don't shortchange good nutrition in this quest! Take a listen!
Antibiotics, Herbicides, Pesticides, and Emulsifiers have been implicated in causing "Leaky Gut" which leads to inflammation, Free Radical Formation, and End Organ Failure! A must listen!
Hospitals slashing staff due to rising pharmaceutical costs, medications either on back order or unavailable, and proposals for a "Universal Healthcare System" straining our government budgets and threatening to raise taxes! Not great news!
To prevent cancer and survive cancer, don't be obese, don't smoke, stop smoking, or best yet, never start smoking, since stopping this addiction is very difficult.
The World Health Organization in 2015 labeled "processed meats" as carcinogenic and "red meat" (beef, pork, lamb, and goat) as probably carcinogenic. There is more to the story than "MEATS" the eye!
Many New Years Resolutions fail due to abandonment of the "plan"! Just as a GPS gets you from point A to point B, stick to the "plan" that you can sustain to reach whatever "point B" you have set for yourself!
The carnivore diet may have significant health benefits for some and should not be ignored or demonized! It deserves to be studied and discussed, and appears to already have its place amongst the many "Diets" we have to choose from.
Removing antioxidants from their food matrix, as supported by research, does not have the same benefits as antioxidants in their original food matrix.
Which spheres of influence do you interact with and allow to direct the course of your health, wellness, longevity and quality of life?
With the nutritional value of our food declining, especially produce, this talk will give you specific recommendations to maximize your health, wellness, longevity, and quality of life! Want more info about Juice Plus? Email Evan at
Is the cause of death (the one officially placed on the death certificate) or the cause of your disease, the real cause, or just a symptom of a deeper "cause"?
Autoimmune disorders, Alzheimer's disease, Cancer, and Heart Disease exploding exponentially? What are you doing to protect yourself?
Men and Women are different genetically and physically. They face some similar, but many very different challenges and battles that affect their mental and physical health and wellness.
Too many "Diet" recommendation and too much nutritional confusion. The common them will always remain making vegetables the cornerstone of your meal to promote your health and wellness, and prevent many chronic diseases.
Do these ten things consistently, every morning, at the end of 6 to 12 months the results will be amazing!
Lifestyle choices impact our health, wellness, longevity, and quality of life. They are particularly relevant when it comes to pregnancy, cancer, and cancer survivor-ship.
America's maternal death rate rising, Insurers want your Fitbit data, Fiat-Chrysler in Indiana opened free health clinics to its employees and their dependents, and the "Carnivore" diet!
Looking to start or modify your workout routine? The Do's and Don'ts to avoid injury. Don't forget your nutrition to maximize your body composition goals!
A discussion about the good, the not so good, and a few safeguards on the contemporary trends on Home Cooking and Meal Preparation.
Decide your goals, add new foods, be flexible, find something sustainable, and get a coach or buddy! Listen in as Dr. Joe and Evan discuss ways to change poor eating habits.
Developing strategies, a road map, a GPS to avoid becoming the unhealthy disaster! Tune in as Evan and Dr. Joe chat about America's slow moving train wreck.
Patients, Doctors, and Private and Government Healthcare plans are looking to stretch the healthcare dollar with older medicines and off label treatments! Are you ready?
Can we as individuals, and us as a nation "Afford" poor health? Given current trends of "Poor Health", the answer is clearly no! Unsustainable!
An Omnivores Predicament! We are what we choose your food wisely! Your Health, Wellness, Longevity, and Quality of Life will depend on it!
As we are waiting for Gene Therapy Technology to evolve, don't ignore what you should be doing NOW to lower your risk of a premature medical adverse event!
Are the Silent Four, Hypertension, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, and Obesity, killing you slowly? Listen as Evan and Dr. Pohl discuss the topic.
Standing vs. Exercise? Best to do both. Standing for Metabolic Health and Exercise for Cardiovascular Health...and Don't be Sedentary!
Men that are not overweight and exercise are more fertile and have better libido than men that don't exercise and are overweight. Listen as Evan and Dr. Pohl discuss the topic.
After heart disease, claiming almost as many lives, cancer is the second leading cause of death in America. There are many things that the everyday person can do, including improved nutrition, weight loss, and exercise, to reduce their risk of getting cancer. Listen in as Evan and Dr. Joe discuss!
Suicides are in the news and on the rise, and no one is spared, seen in children/adolescents to adults. Although mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety, as well as substance abuse, are considered risk factors, most individuals that commit suicide give no warning. Social isolation, loneliness, feeling disconnected from family, friends, ...…
Wow! This episode was full of some great information. Join us as the Forge-Rx team chats with Gabrielle Fundaro on Gut Health. Seriously, this episode was packed with knowledge! Enjoy.
Children are not little adults. They depend on adults for healthier lifestyle choices. Let's put an end to childhood obesity. Listen to an open discussion about the issue with Evan and Dr. Joe.
Claire and Hannah talk about a holistic approach to hormone balance and the importance of getting in-sync with your cycle. They talk about seed-cycling, exercising in each phase of your cycle, and other ways to empower yourself as a woman!
Alternate Nostril Breathing - an easy breathing technique to combat stress and anxiety by Forge-Rx Yogi Claire Williams. Contact her today at Enjoy!
Tune in to episode 18 of Take Control Radio as Evan and Dr. Pohl discuss the 3 pillars of Happiness.
Check out the latest episode of Take Control Radio as Claire(Forge-Rx Yogi) and Meagan(Forge-Rx Nutrition Coach and Trainer) talk libido, intimacy, wellness and hormone therapy.
Water, soda, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and more. Listen in to episode 16 of Take Control Radio as we dive into the topics!
A medical crisis can financially be very costly. Your best strategy would be to get as healthy as possible, lose weight, get off medications if possible, in order to minimize your interaction with any "healthcare system", whether overseas or in the USA.
Many things motivate humans to be productive. The immagrant edge may be the biggest.
Losing fat mass, or having a lower body fat %, in its self is good for your heart regardless of the aerobic exercise you do. Listen in as Evan and Dr. Joe dive into the subject of heart health.
Listen as Evan and Dr. Joe chat about how to start cooking. This is an important episode for all the men out there!
Tune in as Evan and Dr. Joe talk all things farming. Oh, and don't worry, they are pros!
Listen in as Evan interviews a Yogi and Massage Therapist. This episode is jam packed with everything from favorite stretches to ways to reduce stress. Enjoy!
Tune in as trainer and nutrition coach Evan gives an overview on bulking and cutting and how to make sure you do it right!
I am sure you have been stuck in traffic before. Can’t get to where you are going. GRIDLOCK! American hospitals also have GRIDLOCK, and it seems to be getting worse! What does GRIDLOCK in the hospital mean? Tune in as Evan and Dr. Joe discuss this topic.
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