Baseline vs. Stress Response: How Noradrenaline, Lactate, and Training Influence Anxiety with Julien and Richard


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Julien Pineau and Ricahrd Aceves from StrongFit join the show to discuss nervous system regulation, the role of noradrenaline and lactate in the mind and the body, and movement as a tool for improving mental health.

Who is Julien Pineau?

Julien Pineau is a Humanist, Movement Specialist, and Founder of StrongFit, an intellectual and physical gym that has transcended the actual workout into an education. It’s a culture and a tribe of people who seek to apply force better. Julien is trained to visualize and correct proper human movement patterns. He has a fascinating ability to diagnose imbalances, find the root of problems, and provide knowledge so you can become stronger, more fit, and a more resilient human. When he is not busy traveling, podcasting or changing the world he is raising his daughter in an environment of love and curiosity. He is a man on a journey inward as much as he is outward.

Who is Richard Aceves?

Richard Aceves has a diverse athletic background that started with powerlifting, which provided him with a solid strength foundation. Richard started Crossfit in 2007 and was immediately addicted to the push that the sport provided.

Richard has worked tirelessly in understanding the human body and its mechanics, as well as, working towards becoming an elite powerlifter, professional GRID athlete, and attempting to get his pro card for Strongman. He is adept at identifying the missing link and targeting it, so that athletes can perform better and with less chance of injury. He is adamant that his athletes build a solid foundation and have a clear understanding of the mechanics required to exercise correctly. His number one priority as a coach is making sure his athletes are healthy and safe.


[2:38] Karl J. Friston and the free energy principle

[11:40] Burn The Questions

[18:15] Lactate as fuel for the brain and the body

[32:03] Baseline vs. Stress Response: the Role of Noradrenaline

[1:01:30] Movement: the lactate connection to the brain

[1:07:17] Emotional mapping

[1:10:40] Using training as a tool to manage stress response

[1:25:31] The future of StrongFit


Karl J. Friston

Burn The Questions

Tom Platz

Avicii: True Stories

What is Life? By Erwin Schrodinger

Ego Is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday



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