Defeating Depression: Removing Obstacles to High Performance with Angela Foster


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Angela Foster is a former corporate lawyer who battled and beat depression. Angela now serves as an Executive Health and Performance Coach. Angela opens up on depression and what it does to people, the way she beat it, and how that experience can be used by others in their struggles with depression

Who is Angela Foster?

Angela is a Nutritionist and Executive Health and Performance Coach.

She is the host of the High Performance Health Podcast, the show where she talks about everything you need to break through limits and achieve a High Performance Mind, Body and Lifestyle.

Angela works with high performing clients including top CEOs, Entrepreneurs & Executives.

She is also the Founder and CEO of My DNA Edge and Angela Foster Academy, an Exclusive Private Membership Site with programs for individuals to optimize their genetic expression for ultimate health and performance, including The Live Younger Longer Blueprint.

After recovering from a serious illness in 2014, Angela left the world of Corporate Law with a single mission in mind: to inspire and educate others to become the CEO of their health and live an energetic, healthful and limitless life.

Angela uses a combination of modern science and biohacking with time honored holistic practices to transform her clients’ health, energy and performance. Angela’s particular field of specialty is in optimizing the expression of her clients’ individual genetics for ultimate health.


[3:01] The effects of corporate law

[11:00] The first signs of burnout and depression

[30:18] Battling Depression

[39:16] Common patterns of depression among high performers

[45:45] Better your sleep tonight


My appearance at the High Performance Health Podcast

Joshua Rosenthal

The seven spiritual laws of success by Deepak Chopra

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Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself

The End of Alzheimer's by Dale Bredesen



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