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Skeptical on Organ Meat? Ashleigh and I talk about the dark sides of bodybuilding and the benefits of organ meats and the impact of the carnivore diet (including carnivore fasting). The Muscle Maven’s book “It Takes Guts” provides a great path to enjoying and incorporating organ meat into your diet.

Who is Ashleigh VanHouten?

Ashleigh is a health and nutrition author and journalist, speaker, podcast host, certified health coach, and self-proclaimed health and fitness nerd.

She has written for Paleo Magazine for more than eight years, as well as a number of other health publications. She hosts the Muscle Maven Radio podcast and has worked with other top-rated health-related podcasts.

Ashleigh is also a Primal Blueprint Certified Expert and has her CrossFit Strongman and Olympic Lifting certifications. In her spare time, Ashleigh is a nationally qualified natural figure competitor and also trains in powerlifting and BJJ.


[5:40] Ashleigh’s journey into the fitness realm

[14:08] What would you do differently if you can do everything again?

[22:20] Tendencies to push things to the extreme

[25:30] Peptides and SARMs

[30:11] Who is the carnivore diet for?

[37:13] The importance of meat-based protein

[41:48] Why should we care so much about organ meats?

[52:52] Risks from overdoing organ meats


It Takes Guts

US Wellness Meats

Sacred Cow



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