97 – Taking a Break from Tech


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Welcome to episode #97 of the Fitlandia Podcast. Today my guests are Erin Moone and Dionne Del Carlo from Starcycle, founded right here in Portland, Oregon. Today, the three of us are going to talk about why taking a break from tech is so important for your mind.



…this sense of urgency that we all have that is really inflated and exaggerated and not real. So it’s giving ourselves permission to say that’s going to wait. We’re not brain surgeons.


I know for myself I will eat quickly and not really taste what I’m eating and just getting it down and onto the next thing, but if I put my phone away, engage in conversation, listen to the laughter, then I’m taking in all those senses and actually tasting my food. It does taste better because I’m paying attention.


So related to the classes we run, our bodies are physically moving quickly and we’re working really hard and our heart rates are up. But because we’re disconnecting from any distractions, we’re able to have that meditative state where you really can acknowledge your thoughts and acknowledge how you’re feeling. You can feel your body where we’re working, what we’re doing and you’re just so much more present, rather than just looking at a number on the bike and trying to beat this number that somebody programmed into the bike. That really doesn’t mean anything to you personally, right?


I know for me I have two kids and we try to have dinner together every night. And then we put our phones away and close down technology and engage in conversation. So it’s easier now for us to put our phones away at night and we’re also empowering them to make these positive choices. We’re teaching them how to run a business, teaching them how to manage people, teaching them how to show up and be responsible.

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