176 Gimme a Break - How to Take a Step Back So You Can Leap Forward


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There is no easy way to deliver high performance in life, work, or sport. It requires a tremendous amount of hard work, but performance only arises when your hard work is supported by downtime, rejuvenation, and really positive habits to health and vibrancy.

Matt outlines the mental and physiological benefits of stepping away to facilitate mental and physical rejuvenation—the ultimate accelerant to excellence.

Why’s it so important to provide the mind and body space? How to Implement a successful break and recovery period The key aspects to getting it right so that you don’t regress

Guide to Rejuvenation includes advice around:

  1. How long should it last?
  2. When should you schedule a break?
  3. What should I do during the break?
  4. How to retain all of health and recovery promoting habits
  5. Developing the courage and resisting the panic button
  6. Finding gratitude in your rejuvenation

Moving forward is accelerated by stepping away, so embrace the space of a well-executed break.

Episode Timestamps

00:00-01:08 - Welcome and Introduction to the Episode

01:10-05:30 - Who the Bleeding 'Eck Are You? Giovanni Carriere

05:35-12:30 - Squaddie Update - What Has Made Purple Patch Succesful in 2021

12:30-15:55 - Word of the Week - Butterflies

16:00 - The Meat and Potatoes - Gimme a Break - Step Back to Accelerate

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