Episode 13 - "New Developments- Digital SSP and new Pathways"- Round table discussion with leading SSP practitioners Doreen Hunt, Kate Ortman and Monica Kmetz Cochran


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Wow, I know everyone is really going to gain an abundance of information from this episode. We have some exciting new developments with the release of the Digital SSP option and the new "Pathways" programming- and we talk about them both in this episode so don't miss out!
I am so lucky to be accompanied by 3 amazing practitioners from different parts of the USA who have embedded the SSP as a core component of their practice. They share their approach in supporting children, families, and adults, including older adults.
Before I provide some highlights of what you will learn from listening to this episode it is with great pleasure that I introduce each of my guests.
Doreen Hunt, OTR/L Co-Director of Children's Therapy at Woodinville
Many of you will be familiar with Doreen Hunt, Occupational Therapist who spoke with me on episode # 8. Doreen was the first practitioner to lead the initial feasibility study when the SSP was first released. Her clinical experience with 100's of clients provided invaluable feedback to Dr Porges and iLs that helped guide SSP implementation in the clinical world. Doreen provides the SSP practitioner Q&A sessions and the new practitioner webinars describing the new Pathways programming addition to the Digital SSP.
More information:
Doreen Hunt- Children's Therapy of Woodinville
Kate Ortman is Founder and CEO of Brain Train America
Kate is a leader as one of the world’s most respected providers of multi-modality brain training programs. Kate integrates neurotechnologies to help children, adults and older adults all around the world. Kate, her son Greg, and their company were featured in internationally-respected Popular Science magazine and Kate has presented at international conferences for Integrated Listening Systems, Scientific Learning, and Interactive Metronome.
More information:
Kate Ortman- Brain Train America
Monica Cochran M.Ed.- Owner Learning without Borders
Monica is passionate about nurturing the love of learning and has vast experience in helping learners of all ages enjoy learning. Working locally in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area and virtually (online), all over the world, she especially enjoys helping learners who have unique talents and challenges develop their strengths and learn in ways that work for them, so they can become lifelong learners and thrive. Monica provides personalized learning, education therapy, transition planning, and parent coaching. Monica is also trained in DIRfloortime.
More information:
Monica Cochran- Learning without Borders
This episode flowed so well; Doreen, Kate and Monica share a wealth of information for both practitioners and people who are experiencing challenges and looking for help.
Topics covered include:

  • SSP helping families who have opened their hearts and homes to adopt a child
  • The importance of Bonding and how the SSP facilitates this in couples and families
  • SSP helping families connect and regulate- "Harmony in the House!....Doreen"
  • Trauma in learning challenges
  • How the SSP accelerates the "sense of safety"
  • Learn about..."the Brain not hearing what the ears are hearing.....Kate"
  • Changes in sensory sensitivities and bilateral motor integration skills- the brain is more connected!
  • Improvements in Receptive language skills
  • Kate discusses peak performance and healthy aging- using the Focus system and SSP to improve hearing compared to hearing aids
  • The new SSP Intake form for SSP practitioners
  • "Safe Sound" to help decrease stress
  • Polyvagal Theory, SSP and Neuroplasticity

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