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Your running questions answered by our expert coaching staff 5 days per week
Running podcast to motivate & help runners of every level run their best. interviews running influencers, scientists, psychologists, nutritionists, & everyday runners with inspiring stories.
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In this podcast, Coach Jeff talks about a few of the more popular diet types and some of the potential fallacies of that diet. Listen now!
Why is it bad to have too much focus on long runs when training for a marathon? Why is it not good to do long runs at marathon pace? Coach Jeff clarifies in today's podcast.
In today's podcast, Coach Jeff talks about heart rate training. Can it work for everybody? Is there any correlation between heart rate training zone and running effort? Learn now!
Why running faster in training doesn't always help you to run better during races? Why you should set improvement as the goal rather than setting working hard as the goal? Coach Hayley explains in today's podcast.
Today's tip of the day is how to tweak your warm up to increase your running performance. Tune in now!
How to prevent your mind from holding you back from your best performance? How to overcome your running's mental barriers? Coach Hayley explains in this episode.
On today’s episode we interview Lena Zentgraf, assistant race director for the Oakland Run Fest. Held in March each year for the past 10 years the Oakland Run Fest offers a marathon, a half marathon, a 5K, a relay, and a combo race that includes the 5K and half marathon.
Running Cadence - why you should not try to chase a magic number? What are the problems with 180 strides per minute? Coach Hayley explains in today's podcast episode.
In this podcast, Coach Hayley talks about the importance of having commitment to your training program for long term success. Learn how training works and why it takes time to see the desired results and get full benefits from your training.
Today's tip of the day is adjusting your paces. How to know that you're ready to bump your pace? Why you need to set realistic goals on your paces? Coach Laura explains in today's podcast.
Why running in cold weather cause sneezing for some people? Coach Laura explains in today's podcast episode.
Can you run when you're sick? When it is safe to run and when to rest? How long should you take off from running? Find out in today's podcast episode.
In 2019 our first episode was full of success stories and inspiration for our listening audience. However, we did not have a female perspective, so today’s episode will focus on Bethany Rutledge. Bethany is an endurance coach, writer, small business owner, who regularly contributes to triathlon and endurance sports publications such as Triathle ...…
In this episode, Coach Laura shares her 5 new year's goals that you can use to be a better runner. Tune in now!
In today's podcast episode, Coach Laura talks about what grit is and a case study on one athlete that we can look upto to understand the characteristics of grit. Listen now!
In today's episode, Coach Claire discusses about using ice as an running injury treatment. In particular, can ice help in achilles tendon injuries? Find out now!
Goodbye, 2018; Hello, 2019 As we enter into a New Year, we take time to reflect on some running success stories close to home, even if they’re half a world away. ‘Close to home’ because our guests today all are part of the RunnersConnect family. Today we hear from our podcast editor, three of our coached athletes, and our founder, Jeff Gaudette ...…
What are the myths surrounding the Boston marathon training? How you can train smarter for it? Coach Claire clarifies in today's podcast episode.
What is Heart Rate Variability (HRV)? How to use HRV data to optimize your running performance? What are the problems with wrist-based tracking monitors? Coach Claire explains in today's episode.
In today's podcast, Coach Dylan talks about the importance of taking action and how to develop that habit to achieve your goals in life. Listen now!
How to start from zero when it comes to running? What are the things you need to address when you begin from scratch? What should be your goals and how to create long-term plans? Coach Dylan shares his tips in today's episode.
Unheralded runner Austin Brogan ran down Matt Llano in the final 200 meters of the 2018 US Marathon Championship. Hear how he clawed his way back over the last few miles and the story of those suspenseful final meters. Plus, learn about the training that has allowed Austin to PR from the mile to the marathon.…
What is a float recovery? How to include it in your training sessions? In what way can float recoveries help your running performance? Coach Dylan explains in today's podcast episode.
How to run down hills efficiently? Coach Laura discusses techniques for proper down hill running in today's podcast episode.
Can you really train like a pro? What are the problems if we train like an elite? Coach Laura discusses in today's podcast.
Coach Laura shares her favorite tips for training indoors during this winter season in today's podcast episode. Listen now!
In today's podcast, Coach Laura shares her personal 5 tips for winter running when you have to stay outdoors. Tune in now!
There is often a stigma attached to the run walk method, but when used correctly it can be amazing for beginners and experienced runners alike. In today's episode we chat with the pioneer of the run-walk method, Jeff Galloway. We will get answers to many of the common questions about run-walking and even discuss proper run/walk etiquette during ...…
Caffeine is a stimulator and it is a world's largely consumed psychoactive drug. But how much caffeine is safe? How it can affect your performance when taken during races? Coach Laura explains in today's episode.
In this part 2 podcast on the calorie counting problems, Coach Claire talks about the issues counting the calories you burn a day. Tune in now!
Why counting calories is massively flawed? In part 1 of the problems with counting calories, Coach Claire talks about the energy in from the food we eat and the calorie count issue. Listen now!
How to schedule strength training that is most beneficial to your running? When to do your strength workouts? How to remain injury-free when doing strength training and running simultaneously? Learn in today's episode.
What causes GI distress when running? How to avoid stomach issues during runs and races? What foods to avoid on race day? Coach Claire explains in today's podcast episode.
Using data collected on running injuries from researchers around the world, Dr. Reed Ferber is on the cutting edge of what causes and can help prevent running injuries. In today's episode we discuss how wearable technology can predict fatigue-related injuries, how deviation from a training plan leads to injuries, and what specific muscle weakne ...…
In today's podcast, Coach Claire discusses about stress and training. Why you need to plan your workouts and recovery time to avoid stressing your body? How much stress is just right? Find out in today's episode.
How to make sure that the festive period is enjoyable but doesn't ruin your training plan? How to stay motivated to run during the holidays? Coach Hayley shares training tips for this holiday season in today's podcast.
Today's tips of the day is "Easy Running" pace. What pace should your easy runs be? How easy should be your easy running? What mistake runners commonly make? Coach Hayley explains in today's podcast.
In today's podcast, Coach Hayley talks about a few lessons that we can take away from the world's top runners and how these athletes approach training. Tune in now!
How to prepare for the unexpected on race day? How to train for them? Coach Hayley shares tips to prepare yourself mentally and technically in today's podcast. Listen now!
How do you push through those inevitable thoughts during a race or tough workout that tell you to slow down or that "it's just too quick"? On today's show we interview Gary Dudney, author of the Mindful Runner, about the techniques we can use to deal with pain when racing, push past it, and eliminate that doubt we all have. This is a great epis ...…
Why you should take your dog for running with you? How to run with dogs? Are hard surfaces safe for them? Coach Hayley explains in today's Extrakick episode.
In today's podcast, Coach Dylan talks about how to train to improve your finishing kick. Learn where to begin, how to increase strength endurance, and sprinting from this episode.
What are the major differences between a slow twitch runner and fast twitch runner? What is the role of muscle fibers in running? Coach Dylan explains in today's Extrakick podcast episode.
In today's podcast, Coach Dylan shares some great tips to create good habits that lays strong foundation for future training and racing. Listen now!
What is combination workouts? How it helps your training? What are some best combo exercises? Coach Dylan explains in today's Extrakick episode.
Holly Zimmermann, mother of 4 and ultramarathoner shares her experiences with training, planning, and gear for some of the most extreme ultramarathons in the world. Even if you're not into extreme races, her experiences are truly incredible and inspiring.
In today's episode, Coach Dylan talks about proper breathing techniques and how to control the breath for reduction in stress and anxiety. Tune in now!
Why lot of runners struggle to make a long term progress? Why training for any race need to be a continually developing process? How to plan for a 1-2 year schedule? Coach Jeff explains in this podcast episode.
In this episode we interview scientist and journalist Gretchen Lidicker about the research behind natural supplements such as magnesium, CBD oil, and more. If you're interested in natural supplements and learning how they may help your running, this is a must listen!
How to train specifically for a downhill race? How to practice when there is no downhill in your area? Can treadmill help for hill training? Coach Jeff explains in today's podcast.
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