162: Dai Manuel: On Life, Leadership, And COOing Your Life


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Dai Manuel is a super dad, dating his wife and currently doing life with his family around the globe.

He is also an award-winning digital thought leader and author, executive performance coach, and certified lifestyle mentor who empowers people to lead a FUN-ctionally fit life through education, encouragement, and community.

Dai models his work based on 5 F's: Fitness, Family, Finances, Faith with an overarching roof of FUN, built on a rock-solid foundation of Health.

As a former partner and Chief Operating Officer of a multi-million dollar retail company, a keynote speaker, brand ambassador, competitive athlete, a family man, and community leader, Dai knows the struggle of the juggle and keeping his health and happiness a priority.

Dai and his family are on a mission to impact one million role models through education, entertainment, and inspiration by 2020.

From Andy: Dai is one of the funnest people I know to hang out with - even if it's on a video chat 6,000 miles away. He's on a mission to help others change their lives, like he did when he was a young man. In the episode we talk about things like growing up as a fat kid, being suicidal, how he turned that all around, being a responsible leader of your family, self-care, the power of public declaration, and much, much more.

Enjoy this one... I know you will!

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