The Importance of Nasal Breathing | Patrick McKeown


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Today's topic is so simple that it’s often overlooked. It’s a breathing technique that can impact your weight, improve your sleep and energy, increase concentration, reduce breathlessness during exercise, heighten athletic performance, and improve cardiovascular health. Today’s guest, Patrick McKeown, has written 8 books on breathing, including the international best-seller, The Oxygen Advantage, which is something of a bible on nose breathing. His book has helped create a buzz about a revolutionary technique based on the Buteyko method. Over the past 15 years, Patrick has been focused on breathing re-education. He has trained thousands of people around the world with his scientifically validated techniques. And the results have been dramatic… with increase of oxygen flow to all of your body’s systems. And what that translates to a host of benefits, which we’ll talk about today.

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