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My name is Adam Schaeuble....aka....The PHD (previously heavy dude) and I'm on a one MILLION pound mission. A few years back I looked at the scale and I weighed 327 lbs and I set a goal to lose 100lbs which I DID! Then I opened up my own fitness studio and took what I learned and applied it to my hometown clients through unique weight loss, exercise, and nutrition programs and protocols. My hometown clients lost 35,000 LBS over a span of just 5 years! Now I'm on a Million Pound Mission with a goal of inspiring YOU and people like you that want to get healthy and get back in control of their nutrition, fitness, health, and lifestyle. The goal is to produce over one million pounds of transformation results through my free podcasts, blog, and online courses and coaching. Every week I will deliver a high energy dose of Transformation Education with my best motivation, strategy, and tips. I also love to bring on special guests that can help drop some knowledge and add value to anyone's transformation process. Like I always say....the perfect time to start is LET'S DO THIS!

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