#210: Finding Comfort in a Larger Body with J Aprileo, Fat Activist and Founder of Comfy Fat


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Fat activist and Comfy Fat founder J Aprileo joins us to discuss how to find comfort in a larger body without weight loss; how improving accessibility for fat people can benefit people of all sizes; how fatphobia shows up in progressive spaces and in healthcare; the intersections of gender identity, body size, and body acceptance; learning to embrace their nonbinary identity without shrinking their body; and so much more! Plus, Christy answers a listener question about how to deal with plantar fasciitis (and why weight loss is NOT the answer).

J is a nonbinary freelance writer and the founder of Comfy Fat, a site dedicated to sharing resources for plus-size people, trans advocacy, and the intersections of size and gender. J creates content not only to help make the world a little more accessible for fat folks, but also to try and just be the representation they wish they'd had growing up. They live in the midwest with their partner Corissa of Fat Girl Flow, two lovely pups, and one very independent calico cat. Find them online at ComfyFat.com.

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