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Explore Enlighten Evolve - Celebrating 2018

Join Sheila as she celebrates a year of podcasting in 2018 with her producer Tim Edwards of The InBound Podcasting Network, the one and only Lisa May of 95.5 KLOS and Kala Maxym of 5 Senses Tastings. Kala created and presents a very special music and tasting story based on the Sound Mind & Body mantra – Explore Enlighten Evolve. Listen to the extraordinary music and tasting that Kala procured as Sheila, Tim, Lisa and Kala reflect on the year and discuss the different ways they have explored, been enlightened and evolved.

EXPLORE: To seek out new experiences, information, and education with an open mind. To get outside your comfort zone and try out new territories of mind, body and soul. As Sheila says, “When I think of exploring I think of that feeling of excitement, and being a little scared when I’m trying something new. That’s what I call those woo-woo moments.”

ENLIGHTEN: Through experiencing and learning, your mind, body and spirit are enlightened. You discover new thoughts and feelings, new ideas and attitudes, and new places for you to shine. The result of being enlightened is that you evolve.

EVOLVE: Sheila believes this is a life purpose to do her part to evolve in this lifetime, which in turn will help the entire human race evolve. In order to evolve we must be open to explore and experience new things, new thoughts and new habits. Through that we are enlightened and see our world differently.

We explored so many different topics during 2018 with all of our wonderful guests, what were some that resonated with you?

The episode ends with a wonderful rendition of “Twas the Night Before Christmas” narrated by Sheila’s dad, Mike Melody aka Grampa Melody.

Happy Holidays to All!

Spotify – 5 Senses Tastings Sound Mind & Body Explore Enlighten Evolve https://open.spotify.com/user/fivesensestastings/playlist/0gjlbGwTd2U1TanQZVj3sL?si=g-5UfTzlSXa6xH6-4kQt2Q


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