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My mental fitness strategies are for anyone struggling with anxiety, stress, mental blocks, motivation, anger, low self esteem and confidence issues. As someone who struggled badly with anxiety I know how powerless and frustrating it can feel to have your life ruled by overwhelming thoughts and feelings. I desperately needed tools but no one seemed to know what to do and that set me off on a journey to find what I needed. Through the decades I have found some amazing tools, perspectives and strategies which as a Therapist and Life Coach I share with clients all around the globe. I am sharing them here with you as my passion in life is helping people change their minds so they can change their lives. I use a powerful mix of NLP, Self Hypnosis, Mindfulness, Psychology and many other strategies which you can explore so see what works for you. My clients asked for a podcast to go with their sessions so they could be reminded of what I teach and this is the result. I really hope you enjoy it.

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