Ep24: GMO & Glyphosate!! A Real Life Scary Story that needs to be told!


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In today show we are going to discover of the monster your mother should have warned you about, we are going to hear a scary story and challenge your courage. You see today, we will be placing the spotlight on glyphosate, a lethal chemical that is sprayed all over the breakfast cereals many mothers fed their children this very morning, . so sit back, grab ur teddy bear, be sure to leave the lights on and brace yourself because you may not be ready to hear what I am about to tell you . and after its over, if you have managed to make it through, make sure to share this with 3 other brave souls and challenge them to see if they can handle it . In order for us to better understand the way this beast is spreading we will hear from the senior researcher at MIT, and that is the very own Dr. Stehpanie Seneff, one of the most brilliant minds in this field. . she will help break down the science so we can get a glimpse of the gravity of GMOs . so make sure the door is locked and the lights are on because this is the Halloween themed episode of the burn it nutrition podcast. . ********************************* . Here are the Links mentioned in this episode!


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