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Healthy Half Hour Podcast
We are Richard and Karen Insley, nutrition and fitness professionals in Winnipeg, Canada sharing our views on the ever evolving world of diet, health, and fitness on the Healthy Half Hour Podcast
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On Thursday October 5, 2017, I sent the secretary of the VA, David Shulkin, an email titled “Repeatedly VIOLATED by corrupt VBA managers through privacy breaches – I respectfully request your assistance.” I then forwarded the same email I had sent to Shulkin, to Thomas Murphy, Acting Under Secretary for Benefits, and Vivieca Wright Simpson, Chi ...…
Your Life, Unlimited
The risk of insult is the price of clarity. Gair Maxwell, author of the upcoming book, The Reinvention Code watched me do my keynote live and then joined me for this week’s radio show. We talked about his concept of “Climbing Down” - leaving our perch of arrogance and walking the path of humility and uncertainty to move to a new area of clarity ...…
Love Your Life with Michelle
The analogy that we are what we eat is closer to the truth than we have previously imagined: Food addiction Sugar addiction Binge eating Eating disorders Mood swings, depression and irritability Mental health, autism, ADHD, epilespy Fatigue, anxiety, stress Allergies In this episode, Karen Insley is back with us discussing and promoting awarene ...…
Love Your Life with Michelle
Metabolic Typing is Customized Nutrition. It is not a 'symptom-based model of healthcare', but it is a 'patient-centered' model of healthcare. Chasing after symptoms is an endless process, because symptoms have arisen out of various imbalances in our body's homeostatic controls. When disease and chronic illnesses manifest, it is because our bod ...…
My guest this episode is Karen Insley. Karen is a trained Nutritionist, Advanced Metabolic Typing Advisor, a Group Fitness Instructor, Colorectal Cancer Coach and is currently working to complete her Masters in Holistic Nutrition. Join us as we discuss gluten and additives and how the food manufacturers lie to us. She will be discussing how tox ...…
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