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The human body is made to move, all of the joint structures and muscle attachments are aligned to allow our muscles to harness energy from gravity while walking. When 4 legged animals are born, they know how to walk almost immediately; when a human is born, it takes about a year to learn how to walk. When was the last time that you saw a baby doing crunches or biceps curls? The human body is programmed to move as an integrated system of many muscles working together so exercise programs that focus on one muscle group at a time work against our inherent physiology.

Dr. Lee Burton is a founder Functional Movement Systems and one of the leading experts on understanding how and why that humans are designed to move. Dr. Burton helped create the Functional Movement Screen to provide a system for coaches and personal trainers to help athletes train with a lower risk of injury. On this episode, Dr. Burton talks about how the body is designed to function and shares why it is so important to take a movement-first approach with your strength training program. It's all about movement with Dr. Lee Burton on this episode of All About Fitness.

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