Work And Life Behind The Startup Myth w/ David Sax


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David Sax is a writer, reporter, and speaker who specializes in business and culture. His previous book, The Revenge of Analog, was a #1 Washington Post bestseller, was selected as one of Michiko Kakutani’s Top Ten books of 2016 for the New York Times, and has been translated into six languages. He is the author of Save the Deli, which won a James Beard award, and The Tastemakers.

With all his books, he has tapped into the reasons people go into business. His latest book, The Soul Of An Entrepreneur goes even deeper on this theme. Why does the entrepreneur matter, why do different types of entrepreneurs matter and why do they become an entrepreneur in the first place?

“Starting your own business isn’t about becoming an instant billionaire. It’s about choosing the work and life you want for yourself, every day.” David Sax

The Soul of an Entrepreneur - Work and life behind the startup myth

Journaling Prompts:

  • Is this interesting to me?
  • Is my heart in it?
  • Am I pursuing the freedom I want?

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