B.rad Rebroadcast: Peter Attia - Longevity, Diet, and Finding The Drive


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Today’s show highlights a collection of some of the most memorable quotes and lessons from past podcast episodes, starting with the first B.Rad interview ever, Peter Attia, back in August 2018. To this day, that show with Peter remains one of the most-downloaded episodes in the history of this podcast!

You’ll learn how to avoid the most common disease conditions of modern life (heart disease, cancer, and neurodegenerative disease), what Peter’s favorite longevity marker is and why, plenty of tips on how to successfully achieve peak performance, and much more!


Dr. Attia talks about his particular medical practice where is not only seeing patients, but is very involved with research. [06:38]

When looking at the desire for health and longevity, the biggest impact would be nutrition, exercise and sleep. [09:30]

If you take all sugar, refined carbs, processed oils out of your system, you can vacillate on whether you want grass fed or organic or dairy etc. What about “everything in moderation?” [13:05]

No one depletes glycogen stores fully. That’s a misnomer. [17:01]

There’s a competition for energy where your muscles are going for energy as well as your brain. [21:09]

Peter talks about being in ketosis and then out, eating more vegetables and also intermittent fasting. [22:08]

When he was in ketosis for three years, was he looking for application for patients or performance edge? [28:06]
Early in the stages of ketosis, when a person is not in fat balance, when they are not weight stable, many people are losing weight. [31:11]

Peter is experimenting in 13-week periods, alternating between fasting and nutrition collecting data. [33:48]

Make sure that you have the good food you want to eat on hand. We tend to “eat what’s there” when we are hungry. [36:45]

It depends on the person and the psychological strategy of handling these periods of nutrition. [40:28]

It is interesting to monitor your emotions. Find out when you are angry and really why? [43:14]

Riding your bike on a road is one of the most dangerous things you can do. [46:57]

When training for a swim to Catalina, Peter would swim for 10-hour periods. [50:44]

Are the people who have these stunning performances especially genetically gifted? [54:58]

If you wanted to build a perfect runner, they would have enormous cardiovascular capacity, large quads, glutes and hands. [57:05]

The aerodynamics of swimming and running are very different. [59:47]

The arrow position on bikes is a compromised position for power output. [01:00:35]

Because the density of water is so much greater than the density of air, pretty much everything in swimming goes down to avoiding drag. [01:04:02]

Keeping your athletic prowess in an age-appropriate style is important for longevity. The journey of getting better at something is very important. [01:11:32]


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