Dave Rossi: Cultivating Inner Happiness And Leveraging The Power Of Choice To Lose Excess Body Fat And Overcome Instant Gratification Temptation


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It’s time for the hurricane!

My good friend and frequent podcast guest Dave Rossi, author of the wonderful book The Imperative Habit, returns for a fifth appearance on the B.rad podcast. Trust me, by the time this episode is over, you’re going to feel compelled to buy his book, as you’re going to hear some awesome insights and cause for reflection in this fast moving episode. If you haven’t heard previous shows with Dave, he’s a Silicon Valley based businessman who has become quite a guru in the spiritual field in addition to writing a very well-received book, The Imperative Habit.

In this episode, Dave and I talk about the most effective strategies for long-term weight loss (something Dave is very familiar with as he once successfully dropped 50 pounds) and how to stay aligned with your health goals by coming at the challenge from the mindset component. We talk about the placebo effect—how it’s real and actually quite powerful, as well as why Dave says it is imperative today to build good habits and overcome the constant temptation of instant gratification dopamine-triggering pleasures and indulgences. Dave also details a kinder, gentler approach to goal setting where you make a choice to live healthily and do things that feel good instead of the “struggle and suffer” approach that is unfortunately too common, and much more—get ready for the hurricane!


The mindset influences how you set your goals. It can make or break your progress. [01:06]

If you are a marathoner and you love it, you will have a different physiological response than if you hate what you are doing. It’s like the placebo effect. [07:31]

If you hear a podcast explaining why vegetables are not good for you, your mind can kick in and the vegetables you used to love, suddenly become unappetizing. [15:23]

There is no shortcut to get the body that you want. [19:18]

If your goal is to gain something, it probably won’t be authentic. [24:52]

A choice of what you want to do versus what you don’t want to do is choice versus willpower. And willpower gets stronger when we are stressed. [29:49]

Sugar is bad for me. I make the choice to have a healthy body as opposed to enjoying the pleasure of the dessert. [35:36]

You have to enjoy the journey that you are taking in order to get to that end game. [38:25]

If you are over exercising, you are going to turn down all kinds of other flames and feel more tired, more hungry, more apt to store, store fat rather than burn it. [42:02]

To lose weight, you have to have the power of choice to figure out what works for you. [44:43]

You can be fit, but not healthy. [48:31]

When you look at lifestyle as thoughts, emotions, food, activities, relationships, your lifestyle will have a corresponding body. [50:10]

Dave lost 50 to 60 pounds. Brad asks, what was the trigger that made it happen? [52:36]

Develop the practice of the ability to say no to bodily urges. The food no longer has power. [01:00:27]


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