John Assaraf: The Brain-A-Thon And How To Rewire Your Brain For Success


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Best-selling author John Assaraf returns to the show for an insightful, motivating, and educational conversation about how to unlock the incredible power of your amazing brain and the theme of his annual event, Brain-A-Thon, this year: how to change your brain to change your income.

As one of the leading peak performance experts in the world, John knows everything there is to know about creating a winning environment that sets you up for success. In this episode, you’ll learn how to mitigate the fact that 95% of our behavior is because of our current habits, how to make sure rejection doesn’t adversely affect you, and most importantly, how to change your brain to change your income. You’ll also hear about great advice on effectively overcoming things that hold us back in our lives when John shares the secret of how he helps people achieve permanent results in everything from weight-loss to procrastination.

I’m also so excited to mention that this year’s Brain-A-Thon is happening SOON, on Saturday, October 23rd. This is a really wonderful opportunity to learn the three “Brain Unlocking Secrets” John uses, to great success, to optimize the quality of both your life and career. If you want to achieve your goals faster and more easily, improve your income, truly take control of your emotions, and have more peace of mind and freedom, click here to sign up to learn more about this incredibly useful “Success Switch” or “Neuroplasticity Switch” that basically turns your brain into a superpower.


This guest tells us about changing our thinking to create a winning environment. [01:42]

The topic of this year’s Brain-a-Thon is change your brain, change your income. [06:36]

What is it around weight loss that causes most people to lose weight and then gain it back? [08:18]

When establishing a habit, consistency is more important than intensity, complexity or duration. [12:17]

We need to understand how to work with our brain instead of against it. [16:28]

Change your thinking, manager emotions, put the right behaviors in place and create the right environment. [21:28]

The natural reaction of our brain when we are outside our comfort zone, is resistance. [23:36]

We need to acknowledge the subconscious programming from our childhood and ask, is this really serving me? [28:04]

When you say you don’t have enough time, think again. You work 40 hours a week. Sleep 50 hours a week. You have 78 hours left to do what you want! [28:48]

Understand your relationship to money. [31:32]

What is an example of wanting to change from scarcity to abundance? [36:21]

Most people’s thoughts are limiting and negative. [38:45]

Desire, hope, prayer, wishing, imagination, in most cases does not change behavior long term. [43:41]

There’s almost no goal that we can't achieve if we are committed. [49:44]

What happens when you sign up for the Brain-a-Thon? [50:51]


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