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In this edition of questions and comments from listeners, we get into all kinds of fun stuff.

Should anti-aging enthusiasts consider bulking up with extra muscle? How do you go about doing that correctly? I discuss the controversy and confusion over protein intake, explain how you can get the longevity benefits of maintaining muscle mass without the concerns about overstimulating growth factors, and then we hear a success story from a listener who lost 40 pounds and is getting stronger doing major lifts and pullups. Another listener asks a question about the stress factors of air travel and I explain why fasting is a great strategy on travel days, as well as how you can beat jet lag upon arrival. I also talk about the proper way to train for contests and ultramarathons without getting into overstress patterns, how to prepare for long distance triathlons after taking time off, and especially, how to not get beaten up by long runs. Finally, we hear comments from listener’s about their favorite takeaways from past shows, such as honoring John Gray’s direction to be a Kung Fu master amidst relationship stress, and I talk about how to strengthen problem muscles and connective tissue in order to heal from chronic injuries. Enjoy the show and enjoy participating in the community by emailing


Scott Belanger asks if Brad has done a bulking stage to gain weight. The more muscle mass you have, the more protection you have. Brad tries to optimize his strength to bodyweight ratio. [01:25]

Your triglycerides to HDL ratio is an important detail to look at for good cardiac function. [09:24]

There is a tendency in the gym culture to encourage nutrient deficient processed calories. Use caution when consuming “workout” products. [10:34]

Brad Warden has lost over 40 pounds, has increased his athletic challenges, improved his diet, and is feeling better than ever, which leads to a discussion regarding the controversy about eating too much protein. [12:39]

The best sources of protein, by far, are from animal sources. [17:40]

Stewart travels weekly mostly by airplane. He is asking whether he should eat or fast during these flights. [19:03]

Billy Vogan wants to know how Brad thinks about signing up for an ultra-marathon when time is not the goal. He plans to walk some of the time. [25:09]

Keep tough workouts under an hour and keep heart rate at 180 minus your age or below. [29:44]

If you have a workout pattern that seems to be really satisfying and enjoyable and you’re performing well, keep it up. [31:07]

Kevin is retired but wants more than sitting around. He still has that competitive bug.

He wants to train for triathlon. [32:41]

A 44-year-old Canadian who plays competitive tennis is having a problem with his Soleus, which is one of the most prominent calf muscles. He wants Brad’s suggestion on helping him lessen the problem. [38:55]

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