Dr. Ted Naiman: Protein-To-Energy Ratio And Maximum Effort Exercise For Fat Loss


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In this episode, Dr. Ted Naiman simplifies all of your health and weight loss questions by offering a unique and powerful message that will help you drop excess body fat and optimize both your diet and exercise program.

Dr. Ted talks about his book, The P:E Diet, which suggests a simple solution for weight loss by cutting to the chase: look at the protein to energy ratio in your diet. As Dr. Ted reveals in this show, this is the secret to optimizing caloric intake, dropping excess body fat, and building and maintaining lean muscle mass. It’s quite simple: it’s all about satiety per calorie.

Dr. Ted has also gained invaluable experience through his work as a family practice physician, because he understands that the average person needs simple but effective (and easy to follow) solutions for weight loss and health goals: “My passion is really making diet and exercise as accessible to my patients as possible.”

Enjoy learning all about the P:E Diet, and if you want to follow Dr. Ted on Instagram, click here!


The protein to energy ratio is the secret to optimizing your caloric intake and dropping excess body fat. [01:32]

Humans, just like all animals, have a protein leverage phenomenon that we are mostly unaware of. [06:17]

The obesity epidemic has two parts to it: Protein dilution and the addictiveness of the high energy density carbs and fats together. [09:10]

You can either choose to exercise less and weigh a lot more, or weigh way less and exercise a lot more. [11:17]

It is almost impossible to eat too much protein. The real secret is satiety per calorie. [14:26]

How does a smoothie from Jamba Juice of 400 calories differ from a 400-calorie smoothie you make at home with high protein ingredients? [23:14]

There’s a time factor that can make you hungrier unless you have some protein with glucose. [26:14]

You want your carbs at the very end of the meal. Protein is the center of the diet. [28:10]

Pair your carb intake with high intensity workouts. Be careful how you shave down the carbs. [30:19]

Since the dawn of agriculture, we’ve been fattening up animals so the protein percentage is lower. [38:22]

What is the simple minimalist exercise strategy? [41:59]

If you are in good shape, fairly active but you want to take off some pounds, what is the best way to go? Focus on protein. [55:38]


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